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Excellence Princess

Rensen-Driessen Shipbuilding

Based on its craftsmanship, vision and innovativeness, Rensen-Driessen Shipbuilding BV has delivered its clients over 650 vessels. Thanks to its in-house Design Department, the company can act decisively and innovatively. Its designers were trained at top technical colleges and can rely on their solid and broad shipping backgrounds. This allows the company to create vessels with feeling and craftsmanship.

Motor vessel Brigantijn

Rensen-Driessen Ship Brokers

The leaders of Rensen-Driessen Ship Brokers B.V. form a close and enthusiastic team that has earned its place in the maritime industry, both in the tanker and dry cargo industries. The inland waterway market is going through turbulent times. In spite of this, with regard to the purchase and sale of existing ships, there is still some movement in the market. Rensen-Driessen Ship Brokers B.V. manages to flourish, even when times are tough, because of the personal approach they have toward doing business.


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Rensen-Driessen levert Atlantic Supplier op!

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Our latest design ready for launching!

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